The Importance of Roof Ventilation


Most homeowners don’t realize how poor roofing ventilation contributes to roofing damage and their comfort. Poor attic and roofing ventilation can cause numerous problems for homeowners. Improperly vented homes can cause roofing decay, mold and ice dams, which can be costly. Learning the signs of roofing ventilation problems could help you to determine if your need to make repairs or contact roofing companies in Dallas for help.


Problems Caused by Poor Ventilation

During the warm parts of the year, moisture can get trapped inside of your attic, which builds up water on roof sheeting and the bottom of rafters. When there isn’t adequate ventilation, mildew, mold and rotting may occur.

Poorly ventilated roofs and attics can cause massive amounts of heat to build up in your attic during the summer time. This increases the overall temperature in your home and can cause damage to roofing shingles and roof decking. In addition, it can cause air conditioners, refrigerators and fans to work harder.

During cold snowy weather in Dallas, moisture builds up near the home’s eaves, which melts the snow and refreezes creating ice dams. Additional snow can become trapped behind ice dams and cause building structure damage. These are just some of the weather conditions that affect your roofing system.

Description: Asphalt Roofing
(Left)  Ice dams, besides being unsightly, are destructive.  (Right)  Vented attic with even snow distribution is much more desirable.

Photo Credit: CertainTeed Roofing

Symptoms of Poor Ventilation

  • If your ceiling feels hot to the touch during the summer, you could have a problem.
  • Ice dams on the edge of a roof during the winter are a good indication of ventilation problems.
  • Mold, dampness or frost in the attic can be a sure sign of problems.
  • Many older homes were not constructed with roof vents. If your eaves and roof don’t have vents, you may need to get some installed by roofing contractors in Dallas TX.


Benefits of Roofing Ventilation

A well vented home is easier to heat and cool because you don’t have excess moisture or heat building up in the attic. Once you have a roofer Dallas TX make repairs, you may even notice the difference in your utility bills and your home will be much more comfortable in the winter and summer.

In addition, by catching ventilation problems early on, you may save thousands in roofing repairs. You also won’t have to be concerned about moisture issues and mold that can affect air quality in your home.


Making Repairs

Although, it may be tempting to install fans, insulation or vents yourself to repair roof ventilation problems, these types of repairs are better off left to the roofing experts.

Tending to roofing ventilation problems can improve your home’s energy efficiency, make your home more comfortable and save costly repairs.

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