Why Proper Roofing Ventilation Is So Important


Why is proper roof ventilation so important? Without adequate ventilation you can end up with too much heat trapped in the attic. An effective ventilation system will allow the heat to escape correctly and reduces your cooling bill. If you notice your cooling bill continues to grow each month, it indicates you have a ventilation problem. Hire a commercial roofer in Dallas, TX, to look at the concerns you are currently dealing with.

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How Ventilation Systems Work

A ventilation system works by allowing the heat out in the summer and prevents moisture from accumulating in the attic during the summer. With the right residential roofing system in place, you will be able to increase the life of your roof while keeping your energy costs under control.

There is more to a roof than just the shingles and support beams. The entire system that works together will allow the air to come out of the attic through the roof vents. When air is released from the attic, fresh air needs to be added to the attic. A roof needs to have intake vents to allow cool air into the attic during the summer while it focuses on warm air in the winter.  Air intake vents are placed until the overhangs where the air is shaded and cool. A roofer in Dallas, TX, will examine the roof to make sure there is plenty of intake for the exhaust.

Why Commercial Properties Need Ventilation

A business needs to have the right roofing construction to keep utility costs under control, and to provide a comfortable environment for your employees. Commercial roofing companies can examine older roofs to determine if there is adequate ventilation and they will check for the following elements:

  • Mold growth
  • Dripping water in the attic
  • Frost on the sheathing
  • Excessive heat in the attic

A Dallas, Texas, commercial roofer has the right experience with the climate and variations in weather patterns to know how to improve your commercial roof. Replacing the insulation in the attic is another way to improve problems associated with heat escaping from the attic. For more information about roof ventilation contact Elite Roofing and Consulting.

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