Spray Foam Roofing

Spray Foam Roofing Provides Protection Against Moisture

A Seamless Waterproof Barrier

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF or “Foam”) roof systems provide a seamless, monolithic application. This system has excellent adhesion properties and is an outstanding roof system. Spray Foam roofs are applied in a two-part liquid process that dries quickly to form a seamless waterproof barrier. This barrier adds insulation and can be field fabricated to provide taper and slope so the roof can drain effectively. Foam roofs provide increased insulation and reflectivity and among various other attributes are fire resistant.

Spray Foam roofs, once installed, need to be coated. It is the coating that protects the “foam” from ultraviolet degradation. The coating can be installed with one of many products: silicone, urethane, polyurea, or acrylic. For added protection and slip resistance, granules can be broadcasted into the top coat.

Elite Roofing and Consulting is one of the Dallas’ top spray foam roofing contractors. In fact, because of our advanced knowledge and expertise in this field, we are asked to travel to far way states to apply foam and coatings for many commercial clients. Because foam roofs are extremely sensitive and proper application is critical, you should use a contractor with foam installation expertise and certifications. Elite Roofing and Consulting has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in applying spray foam roofing systems.

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