Shingle Roofing

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A Common Roofing System Choice Among Homeowners

Asphalt shingles comprise the largest segment of steep slope roofing. They are composed of fibrous glass mats impregnated with asphalt. Because asphalt is so easily degraded by UV exposure, a surfacing of varying colored mineral granules is imbedded into the exposed side of the asphalt shingle that also imparts its finished color. Shingle roofing materials are overlapped and secured by nailing through the roof overlay of felts or roof paper into the roof deck from the bottom of the roof slope to the high point of the roof referred to as the ridge.

Concrete and clay tiles are also installed in overlapping fashion with a combination of nails and mortar.

Wood shakes are nailed like shingles over a roof felt and usually into a wood deck. The downside to wood shakes is their lack of significant fire resistance.

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Our line of quality shingle materials includes:

  • Asphalt- popular for its cost-to-quality ratio, available in many colors to match your home.
  • Cedar shakes or other types of wood shingles give a natural look that increases the beauty- and value- of your home.
  • Clay and Concrete tile in a variety of dramatic architectural styles.
  • Natural slate in a variety of thicknesses and colors, made to fade or weather-proof.

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