Restaurant Roofing- Are Your Customers Safe?

Hiring roofing contractors to inspect your restaurant roof will prevent a serious problem. Fires, leaks, flooding, and structure damage are some risks restaurant owners face when dealing with a roof. A commercial roofer will test a roof for weak spots. If the roof is in need of replacement, it is wise to do it before harsh weather starts, leading to an increase in water pooling on the roof.

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Schedule an Inspection

All restaurants are required to upload health and safety standards. Anyone in violation of code will face strict fines, and can easily end up losing their business. Schedule an annual inspection of your roof to determine if you have the appropriate protection and roofing materials.


Your health and safety is of upmost importance. If the roof has a crack, a simple leak can become more than an annoyance as it can lead to concerns with mold growth. Mold can become toxic and leads to serious health risks. Lawsuits can easily occur against your business if the mold causes problems with the health of your staff or customers.

Structural Issues

A visual inspection of your roof will show you if the roof has problem areas. Most roofs will end up with sagging and other visual problems that can leads to cave-ins. Hiring a company offering roofing in Dallas, Texas, is the best away to determine if the structure of your roof is intact. If it fails an inspection, you will need to replace it as your restaurant could be shut down due to safety code violations.

Storm Safety

A dangerous hailstorm can do significant damage to a roof. Not only is hail dangerous, wind, rain, sleet, and other weather elements can wreak havoc on a roof. If you do not have a roof that is strong enough to withstand tornados and other weather related conditions, it is a good idea to hire a roofer. They can provide estimates for various roofing materials to help you find one that will increase the safety of the restaurant.

After a roof is repaired or replaced a restaurant roof inspector in Dallas, Texas, will need to examine the roof. They must approve it based on health and safety ratings before you are allowed to let customers into the store.

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