Increasing Your Home’s Value With Dallas Roof Replacement

Dallas Roof Replacement and Improvements That Add Home Value

When purchasing a new home, there are many things potential buyers, realtors and home inspectors look for in a home on the market. There are many home improvements that add value to your home, like bathroom remodels, kitchen upgrades or flooring options. However, the first interaction people see when viewing the home is the exterior; it begins with curb appeal. Here are the reasons a Dallas roof replacement is a better return on your  investment.

Increasing Your Home's Value With Dallas  Roof Replacement

Comparing Dallas Roof Replacement Cost vs. Value

There are many surveys and reports that give us a look into the cost vs. value of the home improvement job in question. By understanding which projects add the most value to the home, as the seller you can focus on what’s important and what’s worth the extra effort.


Remodeling Magazine has compiled extensive data surveyed from hundreds of industry professionals. This survey covers the wide scope of improvements like basement remodels, bathroom additions, major kitchens remodels, and more. The Cost vs. Value 2015 report showed that the average Dallas roof replacement costs $17,657, compared to the national average of $19,258.


According to the study, the homeowners that choose the new roof replacement in Dallas can expect an ROI of $14,475, an increase of 82%. This kind of home value increase is among the top 2 in the report- greater than kitchen upgrades, bathroom remodels, and backup generators.


Roof Replacement Benefits

  1. Increased home value– This report shows that homeowners can expect an 82% return on investment for roof replacement.
  2. Choosing attractive materials– The homeowner can choose from a variety of attractive roofing options that will bring drama and curb appeal to the home for sale.
  3. Controlling energy use– Not many homeowners know that many roofing options today are energy efficient and can bring an average of 20% reduction in cooling costs.
  4. Passing the home inspection– Every seller must face the home inspections, and homeowners with a bad roof will face serious inspection issues. A new roof will ensure the home is in great condition for potential buyers.
  5. Longer warranties– Buyers will appreciate the extra security they will have knowing the roofing warranty will save them up to 50 years before having to consider roof replacement options.


What we know about home improvement and the value it brings to a home changes each year. It seems as though the market has brainwashed homeowners into believing the money is in the kitchen and bathroom remodels. However, reports are showing that roof replacement is among the highest returns on investment for home improvement. Make the smart decision about adding value to your home, schedule a free roof estimate to learn more about your roof and what might be required to increase your home’s value.


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