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Best Roofing Contractors in Fort Worth Texas


Elite Roofing and Consulting has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth area for years. Fort Worth is the fifth largest city in the great state of Texas, and one of our biggest markets for growth. We love working in Fort Worth with it’s vast history and American heritage. Since the city of Fort worth was established in 1849, it means that there are still a lot of very old buildings in need of restoration and repair. There are many commercial buildings that need roof repairs and new roof installs. In addition to the gorgeous historical buildings, there are also plenty of residential buildings that have been around for decades as well.

Expert Fort Worth Roof Inspections and Installations

Our expert roof inspecting and roof installation team has worked on dozens of buildings in the Fort Worth area and we know what to look for with these older traditional architecture buildings. We possess the knowledge as well as the tools necessary to diagnose any problems with your current roofing, and to provide recommendations and services that will keep your building around for decades to come.

Weather in Fort Worth, Texas

The weather in Fort Worth has some pretty big extremes ranging from average lows of 34 degrees in January to average highs of 95 degrees in July. There is a fairly good amount of yearly rainfall with average precipitation of about 34 inches with most of the rainfall occurring in May with an average of almost 5 inches of rain. Fort Worth averages about 2 and a half inches of snow each year also. Since Fort Worth is in  North Texas, it is known to have supercell thunderstorms. Supercell thunderstorms (otherwise known as rotating thunderstorms) can be very unpredictable and dangerous, with softball size hail and even tornadoes. The last major tornado to sweep through the area was in May of 2013 in the Granbury suburbs of Fort Worth. The twister was rated at an EF-4 by the national weather service and did extensive damage to the area homes (Source: Reuters)

Storm Damage Roof Repair in Fort Worth

Of course, we aren’t able to repair entire homes that are taken out by the rare tornadoes that sweep through Texas, but we can take care of any roof damage sustained in storms. Most thunderstorms that occur in Fort Worth bring torrential rainfall, gusting winds, and grapefruit sized hail. These items can wreak havoc on any type of roofing system, and it is always recommended to have your roof inspected after a major Texas storm in order to prevent any larger issues in the future. Our roofing experts have been working in the Dallas Fort Worth area for years and know exactly what to expect and look for after a large storm. We know all of the little issues that can occur from one of these big storms and know how to keep your roof from having larger issues in the future.

Fort Worth Roof Insurance Claims

If your roof is damaged in one of the storms in Fort Worth, make sure to give us a call right away. Elite Roofing and Consulting was started by a licensed insurance adjuster who recognized an urgent need for honesty and professionalism in the roofing industry. If you need help with an insurance claim, we will be there to assist you. We have a great working relationship with all insurance companies and adjusters. In fact, we recommend that you have us there at the initial meeting with your adjuster.

Our goal is to install the best roof in Texas, deliver the best customer service, and stand behind our work with the best warranty in the business.

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