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Roofing Blog List with Contractor Advice and Tips

Dallas roofing contractors sometimes like to bounce thoughts and ideas off of other industry professionals, but don’t always have the expertise they require locally. It is for this reason that many contractors, and even DIY homeowners, turn to roofing websites and blogs. Below are 5 of the best blogs to follow about roofing.

Roofing Blog

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Roofing.com is a forum designed primarily for roofing contractors, but it also answers the most pressing questions that homeowners may have about their roofs. Currently, the website is a forum where you can post new topics, but you are likely to find the information you need in the previous threads. To take things to the next level, this roofing website will soon be adding instructional articles and videos designed to further aid readers.



AskARoofer.com is the perfect roofing blog for homeowners who want to learn the basics of roofing. They have a detailed “Roofing 101” section, which answers many of the most common roofing questions—including how to tell when your roof is in need of repair. They also compare and review different types of roofing on the market.



RoofingTalk.com is a forum designed for roofing professionals. While Dallas roofing contractors can head to the forum to read threads and ask questions, there is also a “Blog” section, where professional contractors from around the nation post about the hottest roofing topics out there. This is an excellent place to get industry insight from other experts in the field, to share best practices, and learn tips and tricks about working with new roofing materials.



RoofersCoffeeShop.com is a website that features everything from the roofing resources that Dallas roofing contractors require, to a forum where roofers can interact. What makes this roofing website really special are the photos in their “News Room” section. The Gallery features photos everything from the evolution of roofing, informative roofing photos, roofs from around the globe, and even fun roofing photos submitted by contractors.



ContractorTalk.com is a website and forum designed specifically for professional contractors. The topics, threads, and resources, are designed for those who already know what they are doing. The website has multiple sections, including a roofing section. There is also a “Blog” section, where contractors can post their unique blogs and content, or where you can simply visit to learn more.


The roofing websites, blogs, and forums above will help Dallas roofing contractors to expand their knowledge base. They all provide insight ranging from best practices, to preferred roofing supplies, brands, and products. For your convenience, they can all be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.


Reggie Green

Reggie Green is the founder of Elite Roofing and Consulting, a residential and commercial roofing contractor based in Dallas, Texas. A former insurance adjuster – licensed in 14 states, Reggie has made it his mission to bring honesty, integrity, and top notch customer service to the roofing industry. Reggie resides in Dallas with his wife and three daughters.

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