4 Ways to Prepare for your New Residential Roof Installation

Preparing for Residential Roof Replacement

Residential Roofing Replacement- Elite Roofing and ConsultingTaking the news that your roofing needs replacement may be hard to hear but it is inevitable. Once you find signs of mold, water damage, and leaks there is little room for repair; the extent of the damage may be too great. If you are expecting a roofing contractor in Dallas to replace your residential roof, you may not know the process to prepare for the job. Just as the roofing contractor has things to prepare, so do the homeowners. Here are 4 ways to prepare your home for a residential roofing renovation project.

Family and Pet Safety

During your roof replacement your home will become an open construction zone. Roofing contractors and workers will need access of all areas to the home. It is important to keep children and pets away from the danger of a construction zone. Some homeowners choose to remove themselves from the site until the project is completed, however not all families choose to leave the home.

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 Construction Noise

roof-systemIf you have children you may know something about constant noise. However not all homeowners are prepared for a construction zone. It can become tiresome to have nowhere to escape from the constant buzz of drills, nail guns, hammering, etc.

 Expecting Debris and Dust

Replacing your residential roof is a big task. The open roof will leave your items dusty and susceptible to outside and construction dirt and debris. Breathing in this air could be harmful to small pets and children. It is best to stay elsewhere during the construction, but of course your household items will remain. To protect these items you should cover the items you don’t want gathering dust such as couches, beds, tables and desks, etc.

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 Preparing a Plan B

partnersAs with any construction project, always expect delays. In most cases, the added days are not needed but it always helps to plan for the unexpected. Weather such as high winds and rain cause hold up the construction for several days. Other issues may arise such as additional repairs or work to be done and also waiting on material deliveries.

If you are looking to find a professional roofing contractor in the Dallas area with an expansive roofing portfolio, call the expert team at Elite Roofing and Consulting. A contractor will inspect your roof, offer professional advice on repair and finish the project in a timely manner.

Reggie Green

Reggie Green is the founder of Elite Roofing and Consulting, a residential and commercial roofing contractor based in Dallas, Texas. A former insurance adjuster – licensed in 14 states, Reggie has made it his mission to bring honesty, integrity, and top notch customer service to the roofing industry. Reggie resides in Dallas with his wife and three daughters.

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