How To Shingle A House Roof

How To Shingle Your Roof | Elite Roofing

Properly Shingling Your Roof

The roofing system is one of the most essential pieces to your home. Creating a watertight, weatherproof roof is necessary, however your roof won’t last for the life of your home. The best shingles money can buy will last you roughly fifteen years before they will need replacement. Here are the steps to properly replace the shingles on your home roof.

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Preparing Your Roof

Sometimes roofing contractors will lay more than one layer of shingles. If there is more than one layer, or your shingles are damaged, remove them and dispose of the shingles. Work your way down the roof from the top ridge, carefully removing all nails. Look for any signs of damaged or rotten wood that may need to be replaced.

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Sheathing Your Roof

Sheathing is a protective layer added beneath the shingles. Use a single layer of roofing felt, or tar paper, to protect the roofing from moisture. For this step, start your way from the bottom of the room working in horizontal rows. Overlapping your sheathing will prevent leaks from damaging the roof. Use a double layer along the top ridge line, and attach sheathing with galvanized nails.

Metal Flashing

Metal flashing requires layering a thin sheet of metal flashing in areas where parts of the roof join, also known as valleys, around the vents, chimneys or other obstructions on the roof. To protect the wooden structure beneath, install a drip edge towards the bottom of your roofing. Simply cut your metal into the sizes necessary.

Shingling Your New Roof

Working your way from the bottom of the room, lay a single starter course shingle an inch above the edge. This start course shingle is purchased separate and can be more easily cut to size with a knife. Lay out your row of shingles before securing to ensure a straight set of shingles. Work your way up the roof vertically, securing with 4 nails. To ensure your shingles are laid straight, use chalk line.

Ridge Caps and Your Roof is Complete

Ridge caps are used to complete the top of your roof. These are bought to match your shingles on the row directly beneath the ridge. Work on the outside edges towards the middle with the tabs facing outwards from the ridge.

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