Things to Consider as Hail Season Approaches in Dallas

Things to consider as heal season approaches in Dallas

Every year spring storms bring hail and wind damage to the Dallas Ft Worth metro area and surrounding counties. As the storm season quickly approaches, here are a few things to consider as hail season approaches in Dallas.

Beware of “Door to Door” Roofing Companies

Dealing with property damage is stressful and time-consuming. On top of that, roofing contractors canvassing your neighborhood, ringing your doorbell during dinner, handing out cards, putting up signs, and using high-pressure tactics to get you signed to a contract before the next guy knocks on your door can wear on you.

It has been known for some door to door roofing companies to offer a free inspection and intentionally cause damage to your roof. They will then ask you to submit a claim to your insurance company and will neglect to tell you that insurance companies will not pay to replace an older roof. You will end up having to pay the entire bill and have an unnecessary claim against your homeowners’ insurance.

Your best and safest bet is to hire your local accredited roofing company that has an online presence with reviews from actual customers. If your door to door salesman is pressuring you to take action, close the door. A legitimate roofing company won’t pressure you. They will provide you with adequate information and allow you the time you need to take the best course of action.

Call Your Insurance Company and a Reputable Roofing Contractor

First of all, if you believe your home or office has sustained wind or hail damage, call your insurance company immediately to file a claim. Then for peace of mind and a second opinion, call a reputable roofing contractor out to inspect for damage. Even better, have your roofing contractor meet your insurance adjuster on-site to go over the claim together. Two sets of eyes are always better than one when inspecting for damage.

According to a recent nationwide study, Texas, Kansas, and Illinois are likely to be hit the worst with hail. The analytics firm, which provides data for insurance and financial companies, found that more than 1.3 million properties (including homes) in Texas were damaged by hail in 2017, which put the state at the top of the list. Regardless if you live in a state prone to hail, the Insurance Information Institute (III) and insurance companies say policyholders need to file promptly. A hail damage claim does not always mean your home insurance rates will spike. However, your rate may increase if you’ve filed a claim within the three previous years, and the hail claim is your second.

Verify Your Roofing Company

If you choose to move forward with a contractor who has knocked on your door, do a little homework on them before signing an insurance authorization or contract. Verify their identity, verify their address and phone number, and visit their website. It is always best to do business with a local roofing contractor in the event there are any warranty issues in the future. You want to know they will be around if and when you need them and not in some other state chasing the latest hail storm.

To verify your roofing company is legit, ask about insurance. A legitimate roofing company will have up-to-date bonding and insurance and will be able to provide you with hard evidence of this. When a company is bonded, that means you are protected financially.


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Here are a few other tips to consider:

  • Do business with a roofing contractor with a proven track record such as references or a completed project list.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your roofer for proof of insurance. Make sure the coverage dates are in effect.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau to check for possible complaints against the contractor.
  • Insist on a detailed written proposal or contract and examine it for a complete description of the work to be done including the manufacturer and type of material being used, payment procedures, and approximate starting and completion dates.
  • Ask the contractor to explain his project supervision and quality control procedures. Request the name and phone number of the person who will be in charge of your project.
  • Choose a company that is committed to working safely and educated. The best roofing contractor is only as good as the workers who install the systems.
  • Keep a healthy skepticism about the lowest bid. Many fly-by-night roofers below-cost bids seem attractive, but these contractors are often uninsured and perform substandard work. Professionalism, experience and quality workmanship should weigh heavily in your decision.

Things to Consider as Hail Season Approaches in Dallas

Hail isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is an unforgiving force of nature and shouldn’t be reckoned with. Elite Roofing and Consulting is your trusted, local Dallas Roofing Company that provides honest quotes and quality and efficient work. To have your roof inspected, replaced, or repaired, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help and work closely with your insurance company.

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