Metal Roofing Dallas

A Long-Lasting, Low Maintenance Roofing System

Ideal for Withstanding Dallas Weather Conditions

A growing segment of the roofing industry is metal roofing. The various types of metal roofs include metal shingles as well as long spans of metal panels. Metal roofing panels can consist of many materials like aluminum, tin, and copper. These metal roofing Dallas materials are some of the toughest roofing alternatives, and because of this, they commonly recommended for areas with extreme weather conditions. Metal panels are easily installed on steep roofs and are becoming more popular for their aesthetics and inherent fire resistance and are common in both residential and commercial construction.


What are the Benefits of Metal Roofing Dallas?

Metal roofing Dallas is a popular choice among homeowners and businesses. Because Dallas is susceptible to hail storms, damp weather, and strong winds, it is commonly recommended for commercial roofing systems. Other benefits of metal roofing include:

  • Long Lasting Nature- This material is durable enough to withstand nearly 50 years.
  • Lightweight Material- The lightweight nature of metal roofing systems means that you do not need an extremely sturdy underlayment for support.
  • Variety of Shape and Color Options- Metals can be made to resemble wood shakes, slates, shingles, and clay tiles.
  • Fire Resistant- Restaurants commonly choose this roofing option because it does not burn in case of kitchen fires.
  • Minimal Maintenance- There are not many pieces that make up the metal roof so you don’t need to worry about missing or damaged areas like shingles for example.

Elite Roofing and Consulting is currently re-imaging many local restaurants with various colors of metal roofing. Call us today to schedule a roofing consultation in regards to your metal roofing needs.

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