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Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

Maintaining a commercial roof is important to prevent leaks and problems that can cause a business to be shut down for weeks during repair work. Commercial buildings are commonly ignored until there is a major problem. A commercial roofer in Dallas can perform routine maintenance to keep leaks from occurring. Don’t let a simple leak turn into a large problem that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Preventative roof maintenance is the best way to keep yourself from having an issue that could shut down your business for weeks or possibly months.

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Fix Loose Shingles

Each year it is important to inspect the roof and look for loose shingles or other problems. Loose shingles need to be repaired to prevent leaks. The time when you need to check is after a large storm as it can usually leak to missing shingles from windstorms. If a tornado occurs in the Dallas area, inspect the roof for wind damage. Roofing companies in Dallas, TX, have the experience needed to repair problems after the tornado. They can change the structure of your roof to withstand high winds.

Repair Caulking

The caulk around the roof is an area that needs to be repaired if there is a leak. Caulk can end up with leaks if it becomes seriously damaged. The caulk needs to be able to withstand high heat, which is why it is important to contact companies with the right roofing repair experience. The leaks normally occur around the vents and pipes. Scraping off the old caulk and replacing it with fresh caulk can prevent a number of problems with small leaks before they become major problems. If you are concerned about fixing issues with caulking, contact a roofing company in Dallas, TX.

Roof Replacement

If the roof has major leaks, it will need to be replaced. A professional roofing company needs to be involved in the replacement as there are normally concerns related to safety. Roofs that are old or have leaks are unstable and there is a risk of cave-ins. Falling from the roof is another common problem roofers often see as business owners do not have the right tools and safety materials to prevent slips and falls.

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