3 Ways to Self Inspect Your Roof

3 Ways to Self Inspect Your Roof The roof is the most important part of a building, and it deserves to be treated as such. Your roof should be inspected regularly for signs of storm damage, bald shingles, leaks and other signs of wear and tear that are found in all homes. This task would ideally be completed by a Dallas commercial roof repair company, but there are three good ways you can perform a basic inspection on your own roof. Read

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How To Install Roofing Felt

Installing Roofing Felt There are many steps included in installing a new roofing structure. It all begins with a solid decking foundation created from plywood or strand board. This plywood is not waterproof, which requires a waterproofing membrane called roofing felt, or also called tar paper. This paper forms with the plywood to create a barrier for moisture. The amount of waterfall in your area will determine the thickness of the moisture

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How To Shingle A House Roof

Properly Shingling Your Roof The roofing system is one of the most essential pieces to your home. Creating a watertight, weatherproof roof is necessary, however your roof won’t last for the life of your home. The best shingles money can buy will last you roughly fifteen years before they will need replacement. Here are the steps to properly replace the shingles on your home roof. Read More: 5 Different Types of Commercial

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Commercial Roofer in Dallas

Maintaining Your Commercial Roof Maintaining a commercial roof is important to prevent leaks and problems that can cause a business to be shut down for weeks during repair work. Commercial buildings are commonly ignored until there is a major problem. A commercial roofer in Dallas can perform routine maintenance to keep leaks from occurring. Don’t let a simple leak turn into a large problem that costs thousands of dollars to repair.

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About Metal Roofing

About Metal Roofing Metal roofing has become increasingly popular. As the price of asphalt continues to ride, the price of metal remains the same. Not only is the price steady, but also the metal roofing offers homeowners an assured quality. Learn More: Metal Roofing Durability Homeowners trust metal roofing due to its longevity. Metal roofing holds a life span of 50 years and longer; backed by a 35yr warranty on everything down to the

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Why Proper Roofing Ventilation Is So Important

Why is proper roof ventilation so important? Without adequate ventilation you can end up with too much heat trapped in the attic. An effective ventilation system will allow the heat to escape correctly and reduces your cooling bill. If you notice your cooling bill continues to grow each month, it indicates you have a ventilation problem. Hire a commercial roofer in Dallas, TX, to look at the concerns you are currently dealing with. Read

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Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing Systems

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) is a single-ply roofing option growing popularity for its roofing advantages. This roofing is used for its energy-saving performance to lower energy use in both commercial and residential roofing.  TPO Durability TPO is a resilient option for durability due to its rubber nature. This installation offers great flexibility and movement to the roofing structure by having weldable hot air seams. Typically stronger

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Restaurant Roofing- Are Your Customers Safe?

Hiring roofing contractors to inspect your restaurant roof will prevent a serious problem. Fires, leaks, flooding, and structure damage are some risks restaurant owners face when dealing with a roof. A commercial roofer will test a roof for weak spots. If the roof is in need of replacement, it is wise to do it before harsh weather starts, leading to an increase in water pooling on the roof. View recent jobs: Roofing Projects Schedule an

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5 Different Types of Commercial Roofs

Roof systems are divided into different classifications. Understanding which roofing system you need to use is based on the structure of the building. A commercial roofer can provide an estimate showing the cost of roofing replacement, slope and steep requirements, and gutter installation. If you need roofing in Dallas, Texas, it is wise to work with professionals as failure to correctly install a roof can lead to expensive repairs. Related

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5 Questions To Decide If You Need A Roof Inspection

There are plenty of reasons why you may need your Dallas roof inspected, but here are our top 5 questions to ask yourself to decide if you need a roof inspection right away. Do you have a roof leak? If your roof has begun leaking you should have a professional roof inspection as soon as possible. Even a small drip can be a sign of a much larger problem with your roof. Our expert roofing consultants can diagnose the source of your leak and give

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